JNetCAD 10.0

"JNetCAD" is a Java-Application for viewing, manipulation of CAD
10.0 (See all)

"JNetCAD" is a Java-Application for viewing, manipulation and creation of CAD data. It's free for non commercial or educational use.
Screenshots can be exported as :
- BMP (Windows Bitmap)
- GIF (Graphics Interchange Format)
- JPEG (Join Photographic Export Group)
- PDF (Portable Document Format)
- PNG (Portable Network Graphics)
The CAD loaders / writers are available as JAR files, which can easily be integrated in every Java (at least version 1.5) project.
- Centered overwrite dialog
- ProgressDialog: Progress instead of intermediate
- Deactivate "Ortho projection", if node geometry has been found
- forms.jar updated
- looks.jar updated
- JTLoader updated
- DXFLoader updated

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